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November 29, 2020

Foe this post i will be following on the footstep of my mentor from who I have learn a Lot from.

When I searched my company name on google, the first name that came up this website was first to come upon and saw that the website was ok-ish I believe if you are on the top, you must have a good website, and I couldn't stop my self from redesigning the website this is what I did. Note that I am not bashing the website; I am merely pointing out places to improve.

Breaking Down the the website and the issues on the website

Understanding the brand

They specialize in high end and minimalistic interior design, and their website does not look clean but lack the high-end vibe of their company.

Extracting Brand Colors

This step can be daunting because you don't have access to their actual branding guidelines. I generally extract colors from their logo itself because it is a face of a company.

Open Up Adobe XD and Photoshop Let the website resign process begun.

My main goal with this website was to make it look high end and minimalistic and restructure the website and fix the issues I have mentioned above in the post.

Clover Design

Clover Design is and Branding and Web design agency based in Mumbai.

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