Clover Design is a full-stack design agency.

We are group of creative and talented individuals wo come together to build or design solutions to your problems and help you grow your businesses.

Our Vision

Crafting products that are a perfect mix of class and simplicity. Making top notch products that are intuitive, easy to operate and that create life changing experiences.

Effective design

Effective designs

We take serious efforts, go beyond boundaries to know the client, his business, imagine the end user’s persona and work on these lines to make a product happen.

Establish Trust

Establishing trust

Success is a product of an equal play of technology and trust. And trust begins when you have happy and satisfied users.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking barriers

Keeping no barriers in the working methods/ ideas is a policy that we strongly follow. Walls/ hindrances make the thinking small, less effective. Being in no boundaries allows us to think big, deliver great products.


We provide full-stack digital design service.

We work with organizations to build them unique identity to make them stand out. Our services are packaged to help companies achieve their goals.

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Clover Design Believes in Collaborative approach for solving problems.

Because of this collaborative mindset we are able to design and developed business strategies specially catered towards growing clients business.

Understanding Goals

  • Stakeholder Interview
    We understand the industry, companies goals, and competition
  • Analytics Review
    We make sure that our solutions are driven by ROI
  • Competition Research
    Studying competition helps us carve out a USP for your brand
Understanding Goals




  • User Research
    We understand the online behavior, needs, preferences, and goals of users
  • Persona Mapping
    It’s sketches of the users that help us understand their psyche and behavior
  • Journey Mapping
    Understanding movement of the user on the platform as they try to achieve their goal



  • Define Features & Scope
    Insights from research helps us define the product blueprint
  • Aligning Business & Tech
    We ensure that the product design is scalable, futuristic, and easy to integrate
  • Create Release Plans
    Based on the action plan we set the timelines and milestones at each step


Design & Development


  • Information Architecture
    It is a tree-like structure that lays out the flow of information on the platform
  • Wireframing
    It is a grey scale 2D blueprint of your product
  • Visual + Interaction Design
    This is where we bring designs to life by introducing the visual elements like color, type, interaction style


Deliver & Iterate

  • Prototyping
    Digital demos that provide near-perfect visibility of the actual product and are high on user interaction
  • User Testing
    We test the solution with small batch of users and make quick iterations to ensure success and lower dev costs
  • Handoff
    We complete the product design and handover all the files


Delivering and iterating

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